Martial Arts: Pilates and Yoga Compared

4Some people think that Pilates and yoga are one and the same martial art exercise because both of them make use of a mat laid on the floor in the actual exercise, but in reality, they are different from each other. Kindly read on in order for you to learn what yoga and Pilates are together with their differences.

Looking Into the Origin

The main difference between yoga and Pilates lies in their origin. Yoga is a martial arts practice which started thousands of years back. Over the years, the yoga as a martial art practice has evolved with a good number of gurus taking and adding something into the yoga concept. Indeed, yoga can be characterized as something more than just an exercise. Watch video to learn more about martial arts. There is a certain philosophy followed when performing yoga. Most yoga practitioners are doing meditation, mantras, chanting and pranayama.

Pilates, on the other hand, was developed by Joseph Pilates in the year 1883. Joseph Pilates, being a sickly boy, made a covenant to himself that he would find a cure to his illness in a natural way. As he grew, he devoted himself to studying a wide variety of bodily exercises such as martial arts, yoga and gymnastics to name a few. Later on, he created a martial art system of his own which he named after his own name, the Pilates.

Taking a Look at the Aim

The highest aim of yoga practice is to make a person enlightened. The next goal of yoga is for a person to achieve unity in spirit, mind and body. People who perform yoga need to do breathing exercises, asanas, dieting and meditation in order to be able to attain the said aims. On the other hand, the aim of Pilates for a person to attain total physical wellness and energy. Pilates exercises are practiced with breath control to be able to energize, tone and stretch a person which will be the main factor in achieving overall balance in the body. To learn more about martial arts you may ask the expert David M Lader.

Taking a Glance at the Physical Practice

There are various physical poses and exercises involved in yoga depending on the kind of yoga you are practicing. The use of blocks and straps are used when practicing lyenger and Hatha, which are two types of Yoga. However, there are types of yoga which do not utilize any kind of props or materials. But for all yoga types, a mat is always utilized.

In Pilates, there is a machine used which was also developed by Pilates himself. Nevertheless, Pilates students may do the exercise without using that machine. Other than the machine, a mat is used by a student in performing Pilates.

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